Studying in NZ for international students

How do I get a student visa?

A student visa is required for every programme of longer than 12 weeks’ duration.

If you intend to study a 10-week English programme, you can enter New Zealand on a visitor’s visa. Any other programme requires a visa before you leave your home country.

You should apply for a visa as soon as you have been accepted for your programme of study.


English language requirements

To study a diploma course at Stellaris New Zealand you must have proof of your English skills with an academic IELTS test.


What is IELTS?

I = International
E= English
L = Language
T = Testing
S = System

IELTS examines the English proficiency of students in speaking, listening, reading and writing. IELTS offers a general IELTS and academic IELTS. Stellaris accepts the academic IELTS results. To find a centre to do the test close to you please visit

Immigration New Zealand’s online resources

Immigration New Zealand provides an online planning tool to help you to plan and to learn about studying and living in New Zealand.

The requirements for different countries can be found on

Do I need insurance as an international student?

All international students must have an appropriate comprehensive medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. Stellaris can arrange insurance coverage for you.

If you purchase an alternative insurance, not arranged by Stellaris, you must provide a copy of the policy of your insurance for their review and approval.

Important! You need to provide a proof of insurance for your student visa application


Can I work part time during studying at Stellaris?

Yes, under certain circumstances. For further information please visit the website of Immigration New Zealand.